Display your very best.

Get ready for your first steps towards a successful hotel photoshoot with our lessons learned during the last 10 years.

It all starts with a plan.

High-quality pictures positively affect a hotel’s online success. Anyhow, a polished and elegant image is effective in capturing the attention of potential guests and attracting them to your hotel’s website. Yet it takes careful preparation and a smooth production process to achieve these sleek images. Below is a list of steps that will help you to effectively prepare for and pull off your hotel photoshoot.

Display your
very best

Start off by making a list of the areas and rooms in your hotel that you would like to be photographed. This is called the “shot list” and it is going to be one of the first things that the photographer will need on site.

Once you’ve selected the areas, you can start preparing them for the photoshoot. This is usually done the day before or early in the morning on the day of the photoshoot.

Internal communications

Certain areas, such as the gym, pool or spa, may need to be closed to the public to be photographed properly. Therefore, it is crucial to inform guests in advance that a photoshoot will be taking place.

Place appropriate signage clearly stating what areas will be closed and during which hours. If guests don’t respect the signage and wish to enter the photoshoot location, then you could politely inform them that the area is reserved for the models and the crew only. Alternatively, plan your photoshoot during off-peak hours or when facilities are closed.

Team members should also be informed of the photoshoot times. If needed, they can be present on set or photographed if they give their consent.

Timing &

Light is one of the most important things to consider when taking a photo. This is why it is essential to choose the right timing for each location. Interior shots should be taken during the day to have as much natural light flooding in as possible. This will give the images a fresh, soft and bright look.

If possible, exterior shots should be taken early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when shadows are longer and the light is softer to enhance the architecture of the building. Dusk or dawn are also great times to photograph due to the impressive natural colour of the sky. Night shots of the exterior should be taken a few minutes before the sky gets completely dark and all the outside lights should be lit. Another thing to consider for exterior shots and lighting in general are the weather conditions. Make sure to check the weather forecast a few days in advance and have a backup plan in place or the possibility to reschedule the photoshoot in case the weather is unfavourable.