Your ideal shot list.

Which areas of your hotel should you photograph? And what should they look like to draw all the attention? Here is some inspiration.

Prepare the scene

The time when potential guests just wanted to have a look at your room photos is gone. If it ever existed. Your guests want to see pictures of the different areas, experience the hotel and feel its vibe to decide if they would like to book a room. Hence, the more complete the shot list, the better!


Photographs don’t necessarily need to be a wide-angle shot of every space or room. The focus can be on small details that make your hotel unique. Photos can also tell a story, whether it is about the lives of your guests or about your hard-working team who make every stay unforgettable: storytelling helps you to stand out. 


This article shows you some of the areas that could be included in your ideal shot list. All come with a few images, angles and focus points as an example of how each scene could turn into a high-quality photo. 



Restaurants & Bars

Terraces & Gardens

Food & Beverages



Meeting & event venues

Spa & gym


Lifestyle & models

More inspiration 

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