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Food and beverage photos are important to you and your hotel Since your hotel guests cannot wait for the experience to start, they want to know all about the delights that may soon arrive at their table. Moreover, stunning pictures could attract also local guests interested in a great night out. Good photos require careful preparation though.

In this article, we will give the necessary guidelines to prepare for the photographer’s arrival and some tips to follow during the photo session.

Get ready

The photo session will usually last for hours, but you can help to make it quicker and smoother if you prepare in advance.

First of all, decide what space you are going to use for the photo shoot. Make sure to warn the staff and also put up a sign to tell guests that the room will be off-limits for a few hours. You can pick whatever room you prefer: the restaurant, the bar, the kitchen and even a hotel room. Just make sure the room is big enough for the photographer’s equipment

Secondly, make sure that the chef will be available for the whole length of the photoshoot and will only dedicate his time to the preparation of these dishes. This way, you won’t have to wait for daily operations and the chef can dedicate more time to the plating. Give him well in advance the list of the dishes he will have to prepare.

Decide upon the feeling that the dishes should convey and the occasion they are meant for Are you going to shoot fine dining dishes? The lunch menu? Or the room service breakfast? This will help the photographer to decide what tools and surfaces to use.

Prepare or keep the different surfaces for the dishes in mind such as wood, marble or steel.  (tables, kitchen, …). Also prepare some clean and ironed tablecloths


    The photographer, especially at the beginning of the photoshoot. Explain to him the shot list you have in mind and show him all the surfaces he can use.


    That the previews on the photographer’s laptop are the images you had in mind.


    The photographer with all the extra things he might require: another tablecloth, forks, fruit and other decorations to embellish the photos and… another pair of hands, if needed!

During the photoshoot


Even if you’ve prepared everything as we’ve described in the passages above, there are still a few things that you can do while the photoshoot takes place.

Your presence is very important for the success of the photo shoot. You can also make sure that everything runs smoothly and as you’ve planned it.

Chefs & Team members at work


In your F&B photos you might want to include your staff too. Make sure the selected “models” agree on being photographed.

If you want the images to look professional and real then the team members must wear their uniform, be well groomed and they should avoid forced/staged poses.

Read all about photoshoots with models in our lifestyle article.

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