Hotel Brand

Are you a bold daredevil? A duchess? or Mr Niceguy? Branding is more than a logo. We tap into your hotel identity to build value beyond beds and tables. That is how we pledge solid consistency and an ever-growing fan base.

The process.

Browse through our four steps of hotel brand development.

Brand discovery
In the first phase, we will find your true north by speaking to many of your stakeholders. Based on this qualitative data, we sketch a vision and value proposition that match your hotel’s heartbeat. We then further shape this vision according to significant market developments and capture all findings in a Discovery Report.
Brand concept
The brand now gets a face, as we sketch your brand narrative based on the findings of the first phase. This story reads like an exciting plot with a true climax and well-defined protagonists. Once all storylines are rooted, we shape their positioning and plot them in different scenarios. These follow the guest journey from the first ‘hello’ to the last piece of communication.
Brand identity
In the third phase, things become tangible. Our creatives nail all of the brand's building blocks into guidelines, including clear usage instructions. These brand guidelines carry shapes, fonts, logos, colours, photography and all their possible variations. We also define the fundamentals of your verbal communication; from wording to tone-of-voice and editing directions.
Brand experience
In the last phase, we design every possible item to activate your brand, from in-room items to food & beverage ancillaries and sales collateral. In addition to the physical brand elements, we’ve got your back with customisable designs. Through templates for email campaigns, advertising, online marketing and functional communication you can roll out the brand across the entire hotel.

There is an advantage in understanding the cliches of hospitality: we know how to break them. Tell us what we can do for you.

Ayesha Barker

Brand Specialist